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February 11, 2017 2:30 pm JST

MBA designer working with an unusual background

Mr. Tomoyuki Nakayama(39 yo)

Currently, IT companies in mainly Silicon Valley are rapidly growing. The Key Factor for Success was the joint management by a skilled engineer and a professional manager with high business skills. However, in the last few years designers who have management skills as a third entity indispensable to management members are needed due to the active use of design consultancy company IDEO* etc.

He was a old type designer, for some time after learning architectural design. He got the opportunity to acquire management skills was in the days of grope in the dark experienced by himself. He disliked employment in famous companies, was aiming for independence at an early stage, but he can not follow his wish. He had little work and was having days to read a lot of books at random. In such days, He met the books of Kazuo Inamori(KYOCERA Corporation) and Yoshitaka Kitao(SBI Holdings, Inc.), the founder who values human's mind, and the way of thinking and way of living has changed dramatically.

His own rule was established that the purpose for which people work is not to earn much money or to make a brilliant career, but to cultivate rich human nature and the perfection of character through working. He decided to work for 100 companies in his twenties as a case study involving experience, for the purpose of cultivating those, He actually did. He did the job in an all-around, not only office work, but also service, sales, and until physical labor, without refusing the requested job.

He says, "The most important thing in management is to understand people and create people. In understanding people and creating people, I have been able to make use of my valuable experience of taking up as if with a sponge at the field." Not only the market but also companies are made by people. You can understand people by not thinking from your own standpoint for others, but from others standpoints.

He is motivated to make people happy with the power of design.

Mr. Tomoyuki Nakayama

MBA Designer

Born in Tokyo in 1978. After studying the basics of design at the architectural design office, he started working as a freelance designer since 2005. He did not go to college but got an MBA from graduate school in 2016. Having practical experience at over 100 companies so far.


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